How do I get started with FeedbackFruits?

FBF1. Do you already know which tool(s) you want to use?

No. The FeedbackFruits decision tree and tool overview can help to discover which tool you need. Are you curious how others have used FeedbackFruits? These use cases showcase instructors’ tried-and-tested course setups.

2. Create a FeedbackFruits activity in Blackboard

If you know which tool you want to use, go to your Blackboard course and add the FeedbackFruits activity.

3. Set up the activity.

The setup manual shows step by step how you can create an activity.

4. Get started with the activity.

To see an example of how things look from the students’ perspective, or see how to review their activity as a teacher, choose the tool you’re using within the FeedbackFruits help center and click
on ‘Student Perspective’ or ‘Teacher Perspective’, respectively.

Need help?

If you need any help along the way for any of the steps mentioned above, we are happy to help!

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Session 1 recording | link here, access with passcode: Q1pD^9Y.

Session 2 recording link here, access with passcode: %+TB0Kif