Mission, Vision, Values


South Plains College provides educational opportunities that improve the lives of its students by establishing a foundation for lifelong learning. The College offers high quality courses, programs and services that assist students in clarifying and achieving their educational and career goals in order to become productive and responsible citizens in a global society. South Plains College empowers its faculty and staff to provide a learning environment that is innovative, engaging, compassionate, safe, diverse and supportive of the College vision.


South Plains College is a public, open admission, comprehensive community college that primarily serves individuals and communities in its service area comprising the southern portion of the Texas High Plains.  The College offers quality academic transfer, career, and technical education programs leading to associate degrees and proficiency certificates. To sustain the communities it serves, the College also offers developmental education, continuing education, workforce development, and community service programs. The College and its employees strive for excellence in teaching and provide learning opportunities that are accessible, flexible, and affordable.


In order to accomplish its mission, South Plains College is committed to the following institutional purposes:

  1. To provide associate degree programs in the arts and sciences that successfully prepare students for university transfer into baccalaureate degree programs.
  2. To provide certificate and associate degree programs in career and technical education areas that equip students with skills, attitudes, and aptitudes necessary for gainful employment, for professional certification or for advanced study.
  3. To provide developmental, adult literacy, and basic skills programs designed to assist those students who are underprepared for college and who need to skills for college success.
  4. To provide flexible continuing education and workforce development programs, including specialized business and industrial training, which anticipate and address the specific needs of the global workplace.
  5. To foster student success holistically by providing an Educational Success Plan (ESP) that includes advisement, academic support and student support services and by providing opportunities to participate in the academic and social life of the College.
  6. To expand access to educational opportunities through distance learning, technology, and other innovations.
  7. To listen actively to the needs of service area constituents; to work in partnership with others to build communities; and to provide community service programs, cultural opportunities and activities that reflect the diversity of the region the College serves.
  8. To effectively develop and be accountable for managing College resources and to continuously improve the quality of programs, services and operations.
Adopted by the South Plains College Board of Regents
October 14th, 2021



The employees of South Plains College have developed and adopted a vision statement and a series of organizational beliefs that define for the College a desired state and preferred future. A vision is a dream created out of personal and organizational values of how we would like South Plains College to be. Our vision statement and seven areas of commitment provide direction for the College and inspire the College community to stretch beyond its present level of institutional effectiveness.

The College's vision statement follows.

South Plains College improves each student's life.



South Plains College respects the diversity of its student body and recognizes the worth and potential of each student. Therefore the college affirms the following values and beliefs.

Commitment to Students: We believe each student is individually important and has unique needs and goals. The college supports students in clarifying their lifelong goals, provides personalized attention and service, assists them in developing their talents and skills, recognizes their culture, heritage and lifetime experiences, and challenges them to become independent, lifelong learners.

Commitment to Educational Excellence: As educators, we believe effective teaching brings quality to learning and that our success is measured by the success of our students. The college provides and is accountable for the quality of its educational programs and student support services. We recognize that academic freedom is a catalyst for innovation and technology enhances the educational experience. These qualities enable the college to prepare students for lifelong, creative roles in the community.

Commitment to Access and Diversity: We believe the college should provide access to programs and services to students who may benefit and that the college should reflect the diversity of the community it serves. The college offers equal access to education through an open door admissions policy. The college has a responsibility to provide educational services that are affordable and available at convenient times and places.

Commitment to Faculty and Staff: We believe everyone contributes to quality and institutional success by working toward common goals as a team member. All members of the college community will have the opportunity to be an innovator, to grow through professional development, and to prosper from equitable rewards and recognition based on clearly defined expectations.

Commitment to a Quality Campus Environment: We recognize the importance of providing a safe, clean and accessible work and learning environment that is characterized by integrity, clear communications, an open exchange of ideas, appreciation for personal worth, involvement in decision-making and respect for all individuals.

Commitment to the Community: As members of a larger community, we recognize the importance of enhancing the quality of life for all citizens of the community and supporting opportunities for economic development and growth. We will listen actively to the needs of our constituents and work to build partnerships to address common needs and goals.

Commitment to Effective Use of Resources: In order to remain good stewards of the public trust, we believe in the effective use of college resources to provide quality education and services to students and the community. To accomplish this we will plan effectively for the future.