SPC understands that college is often the first time that a student has been away from home. Dealing with this new found freedom is sometimes difficult to handle. In order to better serve the student population, the college has established guidelines addressing residential living. These policies are designed to help students know the limitations that will be placed on them while they are residents. SPC has the right to remove anyone from college housing who fails to comply with the regulations or who drops below 12 semester hours. Students will also be removed from college housing for failing to complete room and board payments. All students are subject to the disciplinary process described in the SPC Student Guide.

Housing Calendar: Students are responsible for knowing the opening and closing dates of the residence halls. When the residence halls close for a scheduled holiday, all students are required to leave the halls for the period of time specified.

Prohibited Possessions: The possession or use of the following items is prohibited in college housing or on campus:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Illegal controlled substances or paraphernalia (Mandatory one-year suspension)
  • Unauthorized weapons, firearms, fireworks, or explosives of any kind
  • Pets/animals with the exception of small fish
  • Candles or incense

Smoking and/or possession of any tobacco products are prohibited in the residence halls.

Theft: Theft or possession of stolen property is a criminal act. Students may be subject to suspension from SPC and criminal and/or civil action.

Vandalism & Damages: Vandalism is a criminal act. Students will be subject to suspension and/or full restitution for the damages. Unintentional damages will also be subject to full restitution. Damages or losses to the common areas of the dorm or apartment unit can be charged collectively and the bill divided equally among the residents of the dormitory or apartment. Students are not allowed to paint or alter their rooms. DO NOT attach anything (nails, screws) to the walls. If you wish to place pictures on walls please check with your dorm director first. Dart boards are NOT allowed.

Fire Alarm System: A sophisticated fire alarm system is used in the dorms. In order for this system to operate it is imperative that you do not tamper with the equipment. Punishment for causing a false alarm is SUSPENSION from South Plains College, filing of criminal charges, and a $400.00 fine.

Student Misconduct: Fighting, verbal abuse, making threats, scuffling, or other abusive conduct which may disturb others or destroy property is prohibited on campus.

Emergency Contact:  In the event that a student displays behavior that is detrimental to themselves and/or others, or is involved in an emergency situation, the person(s) that are listed on the Residence Hall Check-in form and/or the SPC Housing Application will be notified.

Room Inspection: Campus housing can/will be inspected for the following reasons:

  • Weekly Room Checks:  One day per week all rooms will be checked for general cleanliness, health violations, and housing regulation violations.
  • Routine Maintenance Inspections:  Rooms may be periodically checked for repairs or to assess damages.
  • Health and Safety Inspection:  If there is probable cause to suspect that violations of rules or laws are occurring in a room, an agent of the college may enter the room and search the premises.The use of trained Drug Detection K-9’s are used periodically in all residence halls.

Quite Hours:12:00 a.m. - 9:00 am daily. Quiet hours will be enforced to facilitate sleeping and studying. During non-quiet hours, noise should be kept at a reasonable level. If you are having difficulty sleeping or studying due to noise, report it first to your wing advisor, then to the dorm director.

Visitation:  Residents and their guests are responsible for knowing and observing the visitation hours established for the residence halls. Visitation hours are enforced for the safety of residents and for the consideration of roommates’ rights to privacy, studying, and sleep. Visitation in rooms will be allowed from 11:00am to 12:00 am Sunday through Saturday nights. Violation of visitation hours will result in disciplinary action. Multiple offenses may result in removal from student housing.

Overnight Guests:  No overnight guests are allowed in the residence halls.

Penalties for Misconduct:  Penalties for misconduct include, but are not limited to the following, as determined by the Dean of Students or Associate Dean of Students:

  • Warning or Reprimand given for minor offenses but are cumulative and recorded.
  • Restriction from specific facilities, activities, etc.
  • Community Service is additional assigned duties in and/or out of the classroom.
  • Disciplinary Probation is for a specified period of time. Additional restriction can apply.
  • Disciplinary Suspension is removal from SPC usually for a specified amount of time.
  • Expulsion is permanent removal from SPC with no opportunity for readmission.
  • Removal from Residence Halls is for major offenses and/or multiple offenses specific to residential housing.
  • Criminal Prosecution is for violations of federal, state, and local laws.

Due Process:  Throughout all aspects of the student discipline process, the student's rights are of the utmost importance to the college. Every effort is made to ensure all students are protected equally and fairly.

Additional information may be found in the Student Guide.