Institutional Effectiveness

South Plains College has made a significant commitment to accountability and quality with the adoption of a comprehensive institutional effectiveness program. This planning and assessment process is based on successful accomplishments of the college's vision and mission within the context of an institutional plan and as measured by student outcomes.

To ensure effectiveness, South Plains College has embraced a process of continuous organizational improvement designed to improve the way the work of the institution is done and to accomplish the goals and objectives of the institution. The college has established a three-year strategic planning cycle that sets institutional goals based on a review of the college's vision, mission, role and scope, and commitment statements. Each goal is reached through a set of priority objectives. These goals and objectives formulate the college's Institutional Plan and provide the framework for the development of operational objectives on departmental and program levels.

A companion assessment process measures the extent to which institutional goals and objectives are accomplished. The college has identified these measures as critical success factors and indicators of effectiveness which map the college's performance against high standards. The college uses this process to monitor its plan and make necessary adjustments in programs and services. The annual results of assessment are presented in the Institutional Effectiveness Performance Report.