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South Plains College

In compliance with House Bill 2504, South Plains College submits the following:


Each institution of higher education, other than a medical and dental unit, as defined by Section 61.003,

shall make available to the public on the institution’s Internet website for each undergraduate

classroom course offered for credit by the institution: Syllabus, Curriculum Vitae for each instructor,

Departmental Budgets (if available), and a Plan for Posting Student Evaluation Results.

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Online Syllabus Requirements:

Online syllabi must satisfy the standards adopted by the institution.

Syllabi must provide a brief description of each major course requirement, including each major

assignment and examination, required/recommended reading, and a general description of the subject

matter of each lecture or discussion.

H.B. 2504 – Section 51.974

Course Syllabi information can be searched by instructor name or course name using the search bar above.

Curriculum Vitae Requirements:

Curriculum vitae made public on the institution’s Internet website for each regular instructor must list

the instructor’s postsecondary education, teaching experience, and significant professional publications.

Curriculum vitae made public on the institution’s Internet website may not include personal

information, including the instructor’s home address or home telephone number.

H.B. 2504 – Section 51.974

Curriculum Vitae information can be searched by instructor name or course name using the search bar above.

Departmental Budget Report (if available):

If available, a departmental budget report from the most recent semester or other academic term

during which the institution offered the course.

H.B. 2504 – Section 51.974

SPC Operating Budget


Section 51.974 - Standards for Compliance (Syllabus and Curriculum Vitae Online Information and Plan to Make Evaluations Available Online):

The institution shall update the information required as soon as practicable after the information changes. The governing body of the institution shall designate an Administrator to be responsible for ensuring implementation. The administrator may assign duties under this section to one or more administrative employees. Not later than January 1 of each odd-numbered year, each institution of higher education shall submit a written report regarding the institution’s compliance with this section to the governor, the lieutenant governor, the speaker of the house of representatives, and the presiding officer of each legislative standing committee with primary jurisdiction over higher education. Institutions of higher education included in this section shall conduct end-of-course student evaluations of faculty and develop a plan to make evaluations available on the institution’s website.

H.B. 2504 – Section 51.974

2021 Fall Faculty Course Evaluations


Each institution of higher education shall establish and maintain an online list of work-study

employment opportunities, sorted by department as appropriate, available to students on the

institution’s campus; and ensure that the list is easily accessible to the public through a clearly

identifiable link that appears in a prominent place on the financial aid page of the institution’s Internet


H.B. 2504 – Section 50.080

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Uniform Standards for Publication of Cost of Attendance Information:

The board shall prescribe uniform standards intended to ensure that information regarding the cost of

attendance at institutions of higher education is readily available to the public in a manner that is

consumer-friendly and readily understandable to prospective students and their families.

Board shall prescribe initial standard and requirements no later than January 1, 2010. Institutions of

higher education shall comply with the standards and requirements no later than April 1, 2010. This

subsection expires January 1, 2011.

H.B. 2504 – Section 61.0777

SPC Cost of Attendance Information

For information on HB 2504 contact Dr. Ryan Gibbs, vice president of academic affairs